Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update on Office 2007 Compatibility etc.

Julie ("funnybroad") has updated her slide show about her Office 2007 compatibility findings. Here is an excerpt from what she said:

I've replaced my original Office 2007 Compatibility Mode Confusion paper on with an updated version. I had to delete and re-create the existing one, so the link to it from your blog is now broken (click here for Julie's updated info)....everything has been re-tested with Service Pack 1, and sadly, compatibility still sucks. So go to the new link, not the older one.


While I'm on the subject of Office 2007, when I tested and reviewed the product I was happy to see a weird longstanding behavior removed: You print a document, then exit and are asked if you want to save changes. Most people simply "yes," fearing they forgot whatever change they'd made and don't want to lose it. Others say "no" thinking they made a change inadvertantly and don't want it to stick. Well, I was happy to see that dumb "feature" removed, but recently --several automated patch upgrades later, I guess-- I see the "feature" is removed. So we've got compatibility with pre-2007 suites, but this is one compatibility feature they could have dropped and it would have made the product better.